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Traditional Breakfast  £5.50

1 egg, 2 sausage, 2 bacon, 2 hash browns,

mushrooms, beans, 2 toast

Traditional Breakfast Wrap  £3.00

1 egg, 2 sausage, 2 bacon, in a wrap

Vegetarian Breakfast   £5.50

1 egg, 2 veggie sausage, plantain, 2 hash browns,

mushrooms, beans, 2 toast

Vegetarian Breakfast Wrap   £3.00

1 egg, 2 veggie sausage, 3 plaintain, in a wrap

Breakfast Extras   £0.75 each

egg, sausage, veggie sausage, bacon, hash browns (2),

mushrooms, plantain (2) beans, toast (2), tomatoes 


by 9am

for same day



Sandwiches & Wraps


Specially mixed sandwiches on white or

granary bread (served with salad)   £3.00


Cheese & Red Onion / Coronation Chicken /

Moroccan Chicken / Prawn & Crab /

PiriPiri Chicken / Jerk Chicken

Make it a wrap £4.70


Jerk chicken, Plantain, salad,

Coleslaw and cheese   


Bacon, Brie, Cranberry & Red Onion


Seasoned King Prawns, Lemon & Dill

Dressing with Green Salad 

Nibbles & Salads


Cupcakes   £1.00 each or 6 for £5.00

Red Velvet / Banana & Walnut

Apple Crumble / Moist Chocolate 


Festivals   £1.00

Fried Plantain   £1.00

Veggie Fritters   £1.00


Fresh classic salad £3.00

Crunchy lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber & onions,

carrots & sweetcorn, topped off with tasty beets 


Tasty greek salad £3.50

Quality feta, olives, capers, onions, tomato

served on fresh green leaves


Healthy super salad £4.00

Green salad with energy boosting roasted seeds,

beets, boiled egg & salad

Caprese Salad
Chef Salad

Super Smoothies


Strawberry & Banana/ Banana & Blueberries

or Strawberry & Kiwi

Regular £2.00   Large £3.00


The Detox 

Regular £2.50   Large £3.50


Energy Booster 

Regular £2.50   Large £3.50



Add oats or flax    50p

Add chia/ spirulina  £1.00 

Add additional fruit  portion   40p 


Deliveries start at 11:30am.
£10.00 Minimum order.

Group orders recommended.

FREE delivery within 1 mile of BS5.

For text orders please include address & the time you prefer delivery.

For larger buffet, events and catering requests check our buffet menu here or contact us here